Letter from the Chairman

SouthPAC Chairman Steve Stumpf

Dear Business Community:

The election cycle of 2015 is right around the corner and it is time for the business community to come together to help like‐minded individuals get into office.

SOUTHPAC is a proactive political action committee dedicated to recruiting, interviewing, endorsing and financially backing candidates that will represent Southeast Louisiana’s business community. Our region is different from other parts of the state, and having local members contribute their time, expertise and money to finding the best political candidates is how we can have a powerful impact on the future.

Some of you have never contributed to a PAC before, or even to a political campaign. However, it is often said that a business person should either, “Get into politics or get out of business.” This may seem a little harsh, but it is reality. The people we elect have power over many aspects of our lives and of our businesses. We should make sure that we are sending folks who understand how a business works, how the economy works and how the ‘real’ world works.

We cannot support the proper candidates without your help. Today campaigns are expensive. Some races hit the million dollar mark with regularity. We must make sure SOUTHPAC is financially strong prior to elections cycle. The anti‐business folks — trial lawyers, unions, pro‐tax supporters and environmentalist — will be pushing to elect ‘their’ candidates. We must be there in unity to STOP them! We cannot afford to leave the outcome of legislation, regulation and judicial decisions in the hands of uninformed or unfriendly politicians.

The southern part of our state is unique. We are survivors of economic downturns, natural disasters and political disasters. We cannot control the nation’s economy or natural disasters, but we can control the political landscape by making sure we elect the right candidates into office.

In the near future, a few SOUTHPAC members will join with me in a personal call to business owners, asking that they make a PAC contribution. It would be great if you would think seriously about beating our request by donating today. Your dollars will be spent wisely for the good of the business community.

Your financial support ensures our interests are effectively represented and that issues impacting our state’s economy are appropriately addressed.

Please click on the donate button to contribute to SOUTHPAC and to help support pro‐business individuals who think like us!


Steve Stumpf