Crichton endorsed for Supreme Court race

CrichtonFamilyPhoto-resized-1024x864SOUTHPAC, a political action committee of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), has announced its endorsement of Judge Scott Crichton for election to Supreme Court District 2 in northwest Louisiana.

Brian Landry, SOUTHPAC’s executive director stated, “Electing Judge Crichton to the Louisiana Supreme Court will be a service not only to the residents of district two, but to all the citizens of the state.”

LABI’s other three political action committees have also endorsed Judge Crichton in his pursuit of the Supreme Court seat. NORTHPAC, EASTPAC and WESTPAC have individually decided to join SOUTHPAC in endorsing Crichton. This unanimous endorsement should help him in his efforts to reach out to the business community throughout Louisiana.

To find out more about Judge Scott Crichton please visit his website: